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eCommerce packages come in as many varieties as there are products to sell. JBWebWorks believes in the 'keep it simple' solution. We will seek to make the shopper comfortable and secure as they shop and confident that they are getting what they expect in their purchase.

eCommerce Program Pricing varies by the size of the product list, security desired, payment gateways, number of pages and other factors.
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eCommerce Web Sites

eCommerce website owners spend a lot of time tweaking the homepage or shopping cart, but one important ecommerce content page that also needs attention is the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.

An online FAQ is a basically a document that contains a collection of commonly asked questions and the answers to those questions. The layout is in a strict question and answer format. Your customers will use the FAQ to find an answer to a question they have about your ecommerce website or service.

Ecommerce website owners should create and post a frequently asked questions page as a customer service tool. Many customers would rather look for an answer to a question on your website instead of calling or emailing you. The benefit for the site owner is that a well-written FAQ can cut down on the amount of time you spend in email or on the phone.

When you create a FAQ for your ecommerce website the goal is to provide customer support through an easy to understand series of specific questions and answers.

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