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What is a Domain?
A domain is the 'address' of your web site on the internet. When someone puts your 'address' in a web browser from anywhere in the world, they will find their way to your home page.

What if I don't have a domain?
Picking your domain is one of the first decisions to make. We can help pick the right domain name.

What do you mean, pick the right domain name?
When someone is searching the web, they type keywords into a search box, such as, Google. Search engines check their index for several points to match to the keywords. One main match is the domain name.

Do you provide web hosting?
Yes, we do. Web hosting is basically space on an internet accessible server. Your web page files reside in that server where they can be viewed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from any where in the world.

How much time does building a web site take?
It depends. A small site can be up and going in as little as 5 days. A complicated eCommerce site can take 5-8 weeks, or more. Having a good idea of what you want and having all content text and pictures ready; really speeds up the process.

What if I don't have any pictures?
We can take pictures for you. Pictures really help tell your story about you, your company and your products.

Do you design Professional Logos?
Yes, we do. Included in any website package.

Will people be able to find our web site?
Probably the Most Important Question; especially, if you plan to sell anything through your site. There are two main processes to answer this question.
  1. Search Engine Optimization-involves several steps in building your web page code.
    • Picking the right domain name
    • Title for your page should be proper length and contain certain key words
    • meta tags description and key words should be proper length and contain certain matching key words
    • Header tags h1 h2 h3 on page should contain certain matching key words
    • Your page content should be informative and tell your story about you, your company and your products
    • Build a link program with your suppliers (have their web site link back to yours and vice versa)
  2. On going marketing program-
    • Plan a consistent program of email newsletters or mail outs to promote your web site and bring more customers to your site
    • Advertising program that can include web ads (pay-per-click) or targeted social ads (facebook, twitter, etc)

What information should I put on my web site?
That would depend on your goal for your web site. If you run a small business website you would want information about your company, products or services to inform potential customers about doing business with your company.

Do you provide on going website maintenance?
Yes, JBWebWorks provides several options for maintenance on your site after the initial design and launch.
  1. You will be provided with an admin suite, which is password protected, where you will be able to make basic changes to your site whenever you like.
  2. JBWebWorks offers monthly or annual maintenance packages, where we will do any and all changes, additions to your site that you deem necessary. We also will occasionally update code on our own with any changes that are developed that will make your site more efficient and user friendly.
  3. JBWebWorks also offers single as needed maintenance that you request.

What are the charges for website maintenance?
The admin suite is included with any web design package. The price for monthly or annual maintenance packages depends on the size and scope of your website and you will receive a written quote before making your decision. The price for the single as needed maintenance is charged per job at the rate of $25 per hour.

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